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Backgrounds and Locate

MR&A provides thorough background investigations that go far beyond locating and document retrieval. We provide you with a detailed summary of information gathered from national and local databases and public record searches.

We also locate people, witnesses and claimants, anywhere in the US, as well as assets, and provide you with a comprehensive profile report.

  • Locate People anywhere in the U.S.); Individual Profile Search
  • National, Federal, State and Countywide Searches
  • Multi-State searches (Professional Licensing, Vital Statistics, Motor Vehicles & Drivers License, Workers’ Compensation, ABC, UCC, Equalization Board, and more)
  • Locate Assets (Property Ownership, Deed Transfers, Vehicles, Aircraft, Boats)
  • Court Searches (Bankruptcies, Suits, Liens, Judgments, Probate, Civil, Criminal)
  • Pre-employment Information; Employment & Education Verification
  • Corporation, Limited Partnership and Business Searches
  • Business Background, Ownership & Credit Reports
  • Financial History and Litigation History
  • Sources of Stress; Previous Injuries

Resource Links

Conduct your own preliminary investigation using our free Resource Links (Oregon, California, Washington, multi-state and national) at Resource Links save you money:

  • Locate People Business, and Emails
  • Obtain Medical, Legal & other Occupational Licenses
  • Locate Governmental Agencies, Courts and Laws
  • Obtain various public records (birth, death, marriage, traffic incident information, business information and more)