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FAST TRAK Investigation

Our Fast Trak Program expedites your claims process. Our investigator will be present on the day of an injury, accident or occurrence.

You will receive the following information on the same day:

  • The incident report
  • Doctor’s Report of Injury
  • Employer’s Report of Notice
  • A photo of the alleged injured site
  • A photo of the injured worker
  • A list of any witnesses
  • Request for and Consent to Release of Medical Records

Advantages to you:

  • Review incident information on the day of the alleged injury, accident or occurrence
  • Prevents claimant from changing testimony at a later time
  • You can open a file and set reserves
  • You can make a determination to accept/deny or delay the claim
  • The injured worker will feel she/he was assisted through the claims process
  • There will be no delay in reporting of incidents
  • Overall cost effective if further investigation is required

Michael Ramey & Associates will be familiar with the incident, thereby keeping your costs to a minimum while obtaining the best possible results for AOE/COE investigations.