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Special Investigations Unit

MRA offers comprehensive SIU services customized to accommodate your needs. We consult, train claims personnel and assist in regulatory compliance, while also identifying and investigating bogus claims and submitting prosecutable cases to law enforcement.



If a suspicious claim is identified by you or identified by us during an investigation, our SIU team will examine the fraud potential and confer with you in determining if all fraud elements have been committed. Our SIU team tenaciously reviews all suspicious claims. We continually review, document and report information while at the same time keeping you informed.


We will prepare and refer a comprehensive prosecutorial package to the Department of Insurance and/or district attorney of jurisdiction, and track the case to its natural conclusion, including our SIU investigator testifying on your behalf.


Our highly skilled and experienced staff will ensure you remain in compliance with state fraud regulation requirements and authorities.


We offer training to educate your claims staff and, as needed, your customers in recognizing fraud potential as well as developing proactive strategies to detect fraud and prevent future fraudulent payments.


We consult on fraud prevention, including the reviewing of your investigative policies and procedures. We assist our clients in ensuring they make accurate and informed decisions when determining the appropriate action on their claims.