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Surveillance / Sub Rosa

We obtain video under the most challenging circumstances using state-of-the-art surveillance video equipment. 



  • MANNED SURVEILLANCE 24/7 Our fleet of vehicles can maneuver in a wide range of geographic areas; yet blend into any socioeconomic neighborhood. MR&A’s expert-trained investigators can obtain evidentiary video under challenging conditions. High-powered infrared night scopes and mobile hidden cameras give us an edge over most investigation companies. GPS tracking allows us to ensure accuracy and employee accountability. We provide timely, detailed reports and excellent quality video.
  • STREAMING VIDEO allows you to view your surveillance from our website.
  • PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATIONS often save our clients the expense of a full investigation and sometimes reveals a more cost-effective means to conduct the investigation.
  •  ACTIVITY CHECKS can be used alone or as a pre-surveillance tool to ascertain a claimant’s physical activity level, employment status and the actual need for evidentiary video.
  • WORKPLACE VIDEO MONITORING to capture video of any thief or vandal inside or outside of any building. Our ultra miniature video cameras are completely undetectable to capture video of any wrongdoing. This wireless or hardwired video in some cases can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the Internet.